Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Intro to Vaccines

Quite a while ago I put out a piece called "A Little About Vaccines."  I spent a lot of time talking about how difficult this issue is to navigate and how much I believe in parental rights- which is true. I deeply believe that, except in extreme and unusual cases, parents are the only people who have the love, commitment, and investment in their children that would qualify them to make the final decision about what gets injected into their new little bodies.  Note I did not say the medical expertise, or the proper education. Medical expertise is good and helpful information that parents should carefully consider. Properly educating oneself on the relevant information for such decisions is clearly a parental responsibility. But, make no mistake, those things do not supersede a parent's decision. A doctor can think that the risk of harm to a patient from a vaccine is too slim to merit consideration, but in the case of a side-effect with permanent debilitating consequences it is not the doctor who will have to live with those effects (not to mention the financial and emotional burden) on a daily basis- it is the patient and his/her parents. Alternatively, if the child comes down with a "vaccine-preventable illness," whether or not they were vaccinated against that disease, it will still be the patient and parents who are really affected.

And yet, I have continued to study and learn a great deal since that first vaccine post. And the more I learn, the more I lean away from vaccines. The more I learn about the two parts of our divinely designed bodies' immune systems [Humoral Immunity and Cellular Immunity], and how little we know, let alone understand, of immunity at all, the more hesitancy I feel about the ways we may be irresponsibly manipulating it. The more I learn about the history of vaccination, the more concerned I am about the dogmatic allegiance government and industry alike demonstrate for vaccination.

I have really struggled with how to tackle this subject, how to organize what I have found (...and where it is since I have misplaced most of my links), and how to really express my feelings accurately. But in a recent conversation I started to get some ideas of where to start.

For those who are looking into vaccines, but don't have a particular starting place in mind I have a few suggestions. Whenever anyone questions vaccines, one of the most common angry retorts you will hear is "Vaccines eradicated smallpox and saved us from the scourge of polio!" But, is that even true?

1. Watch the video below (also available here). It is a presentation by one of my favorites- Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD.  She is one of the authors of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. This presentation reveals a whole new world of information on polio and the polio vaccine. I would apologize for the length (the video is over an hour long), but I honestly wish it was longer- I don't get tired of Dr. Humphries (in fact, I listen to her radio interviews).

If, after watching this lecture on polio, you decide that you too enjoy Dr. Humphries' style, I have good news!  Just recently, in August of 2014, a 4-part youtube series of a full vaccine seminar Dr. Humphries gave in Sweden. I have linked the series on my vaccine videos post.  

2.  Then read about the less well-known history of smallpox. Then, perhaps, an even more in-depth look at smallpox, history, and herd-immunity

The history of smallpox and polio are so fundamental to the defense of vaccines- if that history has been misrepresented, what else don't we know?

3. Read Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood by the authors of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History which I also highly recommend. 

4. Begin the quest of true Herd Immunity understanding by reading Herd Immunity: Can Mass Vaccination Achieve It? by Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D and “Herd Immunity” The flawed science and failures of mass vaccination, by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

If you have read and watched all of that and you are hungry for more... I have more. A lot more. This is a list of some of interesting stuff I have read and watched, in no particular order. Start with whatever you want. Don't feel obligated to check out all of it... I just can't seem to stop.

-Learning about the difference between cellular immunity (also called innate immunity) and humoral immunity (also called adaptive immunity) is fascinating direction to go.  Oddly, this Dog Magazine Article contains a fairly good intro.

-Learning about original antigenic sin is also important.

-Dr. Tetyana  Obukhanych earned a PhD in immunology and is the author of Vaccine Illusion and the accompanying website.  The first time I visited the site there were links on the side with great articles and information. The links on the homepage are gone, but the pages still exist, I have linked them below. The video below is a presentation she gave in March 2013. 
          -My Story
          -Herd Immunity
          -Why We Must Preserve the Freedom of Informed Vaccination Choice
          -Maternal Immunity
          -Whooping Cough
          -Immunologic Memory
          -Chickenpox & Shingles
          -Tetanus Protection, Tetanus in AdultsNeonatal Tetanus
          -Hepatitis B
          -Polio & Rotavirus
          -Useful Resources
    -Also, this is was a really great article she wrote on Tetanus

    -Below is a presentation she gave on measles:

*Update: Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych has a new website called Natural Immunity Fundamentals, however I have not found the above articles on the new site.

-This video with Dr. Tenpenny is 1.75 hrs long (and drags at times) but has a lot of info (much of the info is good, but I believe some of it is outdated, and there were some statements that conflict with some of my other sources) 

-A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine a very worthwhile piece, not just on the flu vaccine but more importantly the mindset of the mainstream parents. One powerful quote "I understand, now, that, my collection of PubMed articles substantiating concerns about inefficacy, neurological, autoimmune, and fatal risks of these poorly conceived and anachronistically relevant immune modulators is not meaningful to someone who is not interested. The questions raised by this information are not provocative to someone who needs, above all, to believe that the government, the CDC, and doctors mean well, are doing their due diligence, and that they are holding themselves to a basic standard of ethical delivery of healthcare. They are not meaningful to someone who needs to outsource their power."
-Side note, this study is a very intriguing example of why true vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies don't get done by pharmaceutical companies (this one was done in Hong Kong and was a relatively small study with only 115 children). The statistics and conclusions are striking.  This study suggests that the flu shot seriously increases risk of other respiratory infections including Coxsackie and Echovirus.  Because this study was not done in the US and was done with a relatively small sample size (but it did make it into The Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases), I would prefer to cite a bigger more prestigious study, but there are none.
-While we are on the topic of the flu shot, the misleading citing of manipulated statitsics regarding the danger of contracting the flu is really buggin' me. This article breaks it down quite well

-Shawn Siegel wrote an article called The Great Divide: spanning the chasm between truth and egregious lies which I rather appreciated. The great divide he speaks of is the time that most often lapses between the injecting of a vaccine and the negative reactions. As he puts it "If after a vaccination your arm immediately atrophied, folks would get the point."

-If you are interested in more videos and radio interviews, I have a whole post dedicated to a list of links to both called "Videos Regarding Vaccines"

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Big Three Series: 3 Things I Wanted to Share If You Choose to Vaccinate

I have been thinking about publishing a three part series focusing on specific vaccines for a while now. I envisioned calling it "The Big Three" since there were already two sets of three vaccines that I knew I wanted to talk about. But I could not figure out what to do for the last set of Big Three.  Well the last set has turned into the first set, since the other two are not even close to finished.  And this set is not about any specific vaccines at all.

One of my sisters has told me that she is at least partially vaccinating, and I respect her decision.  When I say I believe in parental rights, I don't just mean in theory.  One of the many reasons parental rights are so very important is the fact that every parent, every child, and every family are so different and unique that it is often genuinely the case that what is right for one at one time will not be right for another or at a different time. Once again, the gift of the Holy Ghost is such a phenomenal blessing. I feel in many ways that my appreciation for the breadth and scope and individuality of this gift continues to increase the further I travel my parenting journey.

This sweet sister has inspired me to put together some information and recommendations for her and any other sisters who may decide that full or partial vaccination is right for some or all of their kids. 

Much of this information comes from the National Vaccine Information Center's page "If You Vaccinate, Ask 8!" and Dr. Stephanie Cave

Three notes for my beloved sisters who may choose to fully or partially vaccinate (in chronological order)

1. As the appointment approaches, remember that if your child is currently ill (fever, runny nose, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) or on antibiotics, or has very recently been ill or on antibiotics, your child may be at increased risk of reaction and therefore it is recommended that you reschedule the appointment. Also consider giving your child cod liver oil and sodium ascorbate (vitamin c) for three days before and on the day of the shot.

2. Keep a written record of the the shot and specifically the manufacturer name and lot numbers for any vaccines your child receives.  Also write down any reactions, or possible changes in health/behavior following a vaccine. Recognizing Vaccine Reaction Symptoms has a list of things to look out for and information on how to report vaccine reactions. 

3. Please, consider avoiding acetaminophen (Tylenol) around the time of vaccination as Routine Use of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) After Vaccination Not Recommended for Infants, Study. Essentially, it seems to impair the detoxification systems and increase risk of vaccine injury. 
Also, there is THIS article suggesting that Acetaminophen following vaccination may have a causal connection to Asthma, Autism, and ADHD in genetically vulnerable children (there is a link to a webinar that was done by the author). And THIS is a similar article published in Alternative Medicine Review.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Videos Regarding Vaccines

This is just a list of vaccine documentaries, lectures, and interviews I have seen. I thought about trying to pick out the best one or two, but I couldn't.  Sadly, this is not because they are all too good to leave out. Mostly this is because each has different (or just better worded) info that is good, mixed in with a bunch of stuff I would not put into the New Momma Musings Vaccine documentary (which isn't going to happen, but if it did it would probably be unsuccessful since I would leave out most of the individual vaccine injury stories that tug at the heartstrings and personalize the issue, but make the films too emotionally draining and take time away from the "meat" of the issues).

-If you start watching Silent Epidemic and want to skip much of the individual injury stories (which I prefer) skip to 17:38.  It does have some really good info and some unusual footage and explanation of the vaccine manufacturing process around 43:42.

-Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. presented a lecture titled Vaccines & Brain Development with a ton of info. Note there is brief political commentary at the beginning (and lightly scattered throughout). He also gave a different informative lecture called Vaccines and Immunoexcitotoxicity (I don't recall any political commentary in it).

-Shots in the Dark and The Greater Good (this link is for the trailer only as the full film is not available for free) are fairly mainstream films (the implied suggestion here is that they are actually too mainstream for my current views... but they were part of my road of getting to my current conclusions). Parts of both are in a patchwork youtube video called Vacciness-The truth behind vaccinations (and yes, I am aware of the spelling error, but I wanted to keep the searchable title).

-Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination Documentary has some parts that really drag, so if you get too bored or disinterested (in the excavation to find the flu of 1918) to continue just skip ahead a bit and it usually picks up.  Also note that large chunks of info in this video are not read aloud, the text is displayed on screen (I note that because I sometimes "watch" informational videos by listening while I am doing something else and this is not a good one for that).

-The newest vaccine documentary is called Bought.  I have not seen it yet, but the trailer is intense. It focuses on GMOs and vaccines.  It is a Jeff Hays film (same guy who produced Doctored).  I hope to get to see it soon.

-If, after watching the lecture on polio, you decide that you enjoy Dr. Humphries' style (as I do), I have good news!  Just recently, in August of 2014, a 4-part youtube series of a full vaccine seminar Dr. Humphries gave in Sweden became available.  The links are Part One (1:08:40), Part Two (45:27), Part Three (9:05), and Part Four: Q & A (44:09) (For a grand total of 2:47:21)

-I mention in my Intro to Vaccines that I listen to Dr. Humphries' radio interviews.  Here are a few:
     -Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Suzanne Humphries
     -Suzanne Humphries, MD: Boosters Ineffective, Infant Immunity & Aluminum. 8-3-14 (with Shawn Siegel) in which Dr. Humphries explains how vaccines are an assault on an infant's immune system
     -Suzanne Humphries, MD: Did vaccines eliminate polio and smallpox? 8-18-13 (another with Shawn Siegel)
     -Interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries about vaccines (with Mike Adams)
     -Dr. Suzanne Humphries - Scientific proof that vaccines are harming hospital patient and more (with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein)
     -Dr Suzanne Humphries: The Truth Treatment - Truth Connections Radio - 29th November 2012 (with TruthConnections, whoever that is) NOTE: the first 4:20 are worthless (and I find creepy) intro music... and words... just skip to 4:20.